Writer’s Wrist and Other Afflictions

Writing is possibly one of the safest past times I can think of (unless of course you’re writing nasty things about big, bad people who ‘know’ people). But really, spending your days writing shouldn’t result in a lot of injury. It’s not like we’re working with heavy machinery or anything (usually).

But leave it to me to get injured doing what I love. After a fantastic writing weekend away with the wordbitches, I left with inspiration, over 8000 words and…two very sore, very inflamed wrists.

It’s true, I’ve succumbed to the dreaded ‘writer’s wrists’. It sounds stupid, I realize this. BUT it really, really hurts and with pain shooting up my arms and into my elbows, and with my fingers falling asleep on a regular basis, typing (a.k.a writing) has been a bit slow this week.

It’s  made me grumpy.

So…in the interest of a short post and something to make me happy, I’m leaving you with this video which has nothing to do with writing but my kids have been playing it a lot and it makes me giggle. Also…tell me your funniest writing injuries. I wanna hear them. Everything from paper cuts to…well, I don’t know. But your writers, make something up!

See? How can you not smile watching that? Especially when he’s dancing on the moon! Okay, maybe it annoyed you, but I bet you smiled at least once.

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About Elena Aitken

Elena is a work at home/stay at home/write at home mom of twins who regularly loses herself in her fictional characters because their lives are way more exciting!
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31 Responses to Writer’s Wrist and Other Afflictions

  1. John Holton says:

    My worst accident was, while writing a particularly violent scene, I got so excited that I knocked an entire just-purchased venti Americano (I was at Starbucks) into my lap. If you’ve ever had an Americano at Starbucks, you know that the water they add is just below boiling point, so, in addition to my wife having to go home and get me a dry pair of jeans, I was scalded in a particularly delicate place. And I ruined my notebook (this is back in my paper-and-pen days) and lost the scene, and never quite got the intensity back.

    • Elena Aitken says:

      Oh, John.
      Forgive me if I giggled.
      Thank you for sharing that. I’m sorry for the burn, but the fact that you were so into your writing that you knocked over the coffee…awesome!
      And your wife went home to get you pants!?! she sounds like an amazing woman. :)

  2. OUCH – hope you heal up soon Elena!! So far, I haven’t had more than a paper cut but I’m sure, given my accident prone nature, I’ll come up with some doozies in my writing time. LOL!

  3. That isn’t stupid. I know how you feel! I get it too…from typing on a keyboard and holding my posture correctly…I don’t know. I also get blisters on my fingers from typing. THAT is silly! Have a great weekend! (And at least you came away inspired! :) )

  4. Jess Witkins says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I once gave myself tendonitis playing badminton! Now that’s a sad story! LOL. I do understand writer’s wrists, I’ve had that too. Hope you’re up and running again soon, but rest up for now. Do you ever use a tape recorder? I don’t know how that would work for me, but at least you’d get some ideas out.

    • Elena Aitken says:

      Thanks, Jess.
      I just don’t think my creative process will work well with a tape recorder. I am still writing (all braced up) but it’s slower and I’m not doing nearly as much. Rest is very hard for me…I don’t do well when I’m told I can’t (or shouldn’t) do something. :)

  5. Okay, ouch and I’m so sorry your wrists are sore, but dang! That Elmo is just too darn cute.

    I think the only injury I had writing was falling out of the hammock and the only thing injured was my pride. I was trying to be the ‘cool writer chick’ during a party. Yeah, it didn’t work out so good.

    Hope your wrists feel better soon! Ice and heat, ice and heat.

    • Elena Aitken says:

      Oh, Tameri,
      That one made me laugh!
      And yes…Elmo. How can you not smile?! Especially when he’s dancing on the moon.

  6. Ray says:

    So, so sorry about the wrists. While I haven’t been injured while writing, I do have a sore wrist from my day job that bothers me when typing. I guess I can say “I feel your pain. You made a good post. BTW Be wise and let the wrists heal before typing

  7. Ray says:

    Also, just be glad you didn’t get injured while being video’ed. It could have ended up on you-tube Then leanne and trish would have a whole lot more to blog about!

    • Elena Aitken says:

      Ha ha. It’s true! I can imagine those girls would totally use it against me. In fact….they giggled at my pain last night…hmmm

  8. Linda Adams says:

    Owie. I hope you get better sooner. I’m sort of limited in my writing right now. The injury isn’t writing related. I have Golfer’s Elbow, which happened because I turned my arm in a very normal way during a very normal thing. And I couldn’t believe how much it hurt!

    • Elena Aitken says:

      Thanks! Golfing can be very dangerous as well…I may have ended up in knee surgery after my one and only golf experience…
      Feel better!

  9. Shari Green says:

    I love Elmo…. :)

    I hope your wrists are better soon! *sends healing thoughts*

  10. Omigosh! Are you sure this injury occurred from the writing and not an improper grip on the wineglass? ;-)

    Weirdest injury: Scraping off all the skin on my right leg on a rusty bolt on a camp bunk bed while trying to complete a perfect glide kip, a la Nadia Comanaci. Ooops! I still have the long scar.

  11. I love Elmo! Sorry about your wrists … but on the other hand, 8000 words? Awesome! Hope you are on the mend and at the keyboard again.

  12. Oy. Sorry about your wrists! That sucks. Here’s wishing you a quick and complete recovery!

    My writing injury is more crazy than funny. I got really bad vertigo from one long session at the computer, all because of bad ergonomics and resultant terrible posture, and especially head/neck positioning. I had to go to physio and massage therapy for it, and that was the end of my Nanowrimo that year. I still reset my posture regularly, and do the stretching exercises, etc., that help prevent recurrence. Yoga helps a lot, too.

  13. I haven’t hurt my wrists from writing, though I have from drawing. One time I spent 3 straight hours working on one, and afterwards I couldn’t even scroll my bookmark down a book, let alone hold a pen. I won’t do that again.

  14. Ali Dent says:

    I’m sorry for your pain but I love your remedy through Elmo. 8,000 words. How do you do it? You’re my hero.

  15. I have permanent Tendinitis in my wrists, mostly because I hate going to the doctor’s for anything. By the time I brought it to someone’s attention, I was nearly in tears and I’d been in pain for weeks. My advice? If it’s only just happened take your time to read for a week. Losing writing time sucks but having wrist pain that you know is always right around the corner sucks way more.

    On the other hand, I agree! 8K written is an accomplishment! I’m in an editing phase right now… I don’t really know how to get across that amount of work. Saying “I finished editing 10 pages” is just not quite as satisfying as saying “I wrote 8,000 words”.

  16. lol my mom’s been an administrative assistant for almost 40 years (I think) & she was told that she’ll never get carpal tunnel. Amazing? Yes. Impossible? No. I can tell you the secret… would you like to know? haha. just kidding (kindof). Take a look at how you write… I’ll bet you only use your fingers, barely moving the rest of your hand, with a sharp angle to your arm. Am I right??? Well here’s how mom does it… first raise your wrists so that your wrists and arms create a straight line. next type in short bursts each time flexing your wrists up and down. It’ll start to sound like a piano player :) one last tip. always keep your wrists in motion, and NEVER rest them on the desk below the keyboard. Happy writing :)

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  18. subtlekate says:

    I am sorry and I hope you can rest it enough to get the inflammation down. I suffer from lap top neck, so named because it’s chronic among lap top users like me who have the machine on their laps and look down at the screen, creating a strain in the neck and muscles. It requires quite a bit of physio and reversal of habit to put right.

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  20. edrevets says:

    How is Elmo dancing on the moon ever not a good idea?

    I remember essay tests in college: 2 hours of straight writing with professors and a GPA breathing down my back. It was intense, man.

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