I Found My Book Buzz Again

Unfortunately, not me. I wasn't that smart. But add ten years, some crazy curls and braces, and you've got me.

I used to be an obsessive reader. Not just an avid reader, but an obsessive, addictive, junkie-needing-a-fix reader. I always had a book or two on the go and about five lined up on my To-Be-Read shelf. I didn’t have more than five usually because I tore through books. And not because I was a fast reader (holy, am I slow), but because I read all the time. As in, I used to carry a book with me everywhere, because you never knew when you might have time to read a page in the grocery store line or at a red light. (I was also a bit of a geek and sometimes *gasp* preferred to spend a night in reading rather than go out with friends. Thankfully, I’ve come out of my shell enough to hang with my wordbitches.)

Oh yes, this used to be me.

The sad thing is that when I started to take my writing seriously, I stopped reading so much. (Something’s gotta give, right?) So my TBR shelf became a bookcase. I also tried to limit what I was reading. I thought since I didn’t have as much time to read then I had to balance my reading time between craft books and novels. The novels I chose were almost all in my genre or the author had a skill set I wanted to develop. I thought I was doing the best thing for my writing career.

Except I wasn’t.

I am STILL in the midst of revisions for my WIP. In November, I had decided to ride the NaNoWriMo wave and finish my revisions for this manuscript. It was a totally doable goal. I’ve done more in less time before.

Except this time I couldn’t.

My ideas were drying up. I not only didn’t love my story, I wasn’t loving any story idea bouncing around my head. My imagination took longer and longer to spark. Like most of you, I have time constraints for my writing. I have one hour in the early morning before kids wake up. If it takes me thirty minutes to find my imagination and get my writing brain rolling then I’m wasting precious time. I knew something needed fixing.

Except I didn’t know what. Or How.

I’ve wallowed in this for months now. Trying not to panic and let thoughts of failure hold me back, but its been hard. I was at the end of NaNoWriMo and not really any closer to finishing my novel. In a complete funk I rebelled against my chosen writing path.

I bought a juicy paranormal romance by Jeaniene Frost that wasn’t even catalogued in my TBR library and read it without stopping. When I finished I reveled in the book buzz, drunk on a good story. And like an addict who’s fallen off the wagon, I defiantly grabbed another and tossed that one back too.

I think I read five books that week. It was a bit of a blur. My children never want to eat cereal again for some reason. I haven’t stopped reading (though I’ve slowed the frantic pace a bit.) I’m still reading two to three books a week, and I’m still on an almost constant book buzz. Woot! I’ve had to cut out some blog reading, some TV watching and lots of housework, but I’m feeding my addiction again. I’m reading whatever I want and absolutely loving it.

And guess what? (Yes, I know you’ve guessed it.) My writing loves it too. My imagination and I have reconnected, and we’ve found our story love again. We can now be found most early mornings cozying together in front of the laptop. Don’t you love a happy ending?

How does reading affect your writing or your life?

About Trish Loye

Trish is a wannabe astronaut disguised as a stay-at-home mom who drinks too much tea and tries to stay sane by writing down the crazy stories in her head.
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13 Responses to I Found My Book Buzz Again

  1. You are so right! Readin’ and Writin’ do go hand in hand, just like the old rhyme. I find that I use reading as a behavior modification ‘reward’ for having done my writing for the day. And as long as you are reading good quality writing, then the genre doesn’t matter. I re-read my favorite authors because, knowing the story already, it leaves me open to concentrate on their style and/or technique. And when I am mentally constipated, I think about my favorite author and say “What would BILL do?” and find my way out of the maze. Cheers!

    • Trish Loye Elliott says:

      I so agree and I know that as writers we’re always told to read. I think I was trying too hard to read the ‘write’ books for a while. I really like the idea of wondering what my fave author’s would do in a situation. I’ll have to keep some of their books on hand to help me out. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. nancymhayes says:

    I love WORDBITCHES. I hereby resolve to start every day with a good read. Before I tackle procrastination.

    • Trish Loye Elliott says:

      Too funny, Nancy! Procrastination is one of the eight deadly sins for writers I think. But a good read? Heavenly!

  3. Marianne says:

    I completely agree. It helps to read all types of books because you never know when you will read the perfect description of the exact tree that is in your main character’s backyard!

    • Trish Loye Elliott says:

      You’re so right! I’ve realized that reading inspires me much more than I knew. Thanks for dropping by Marianne.

  4. Linda W says:

    Reading and writing go hand and hand with me as well. When I’m reading a good book, somehow I feel inspired. But it has to be the right book. Like Maureen, I also reread my favorite authors, because those stories are tried and true. I’m reading Ilona Andrews’s new book, Fate’s Edge, which is so much fun to read! It reminds me of the joy of writing.

    • Trish Loye Elliott says:

      That’s exactly what I’m feeling. The joy of reading that transfers to the joy of writing. Great choice of words. Just so you know, I just finished Fate’s Edge. LOVED IT! Ilona Andrew’s books are definite favourites of mine!

  5. Elena Aitken says:

    LOVE that you found your love affair with books and writing again!! I read ALL the time. It’s no secret that I read while I blow dry and straighten my hair. (hey, I have A LOT of hair!) and while I brush my teeth, eat breakfast etc..
    I try and mix it up a little bit, but lately I’m totally reading in my own genre. I must break loose.
    Great post.

  6. Fab post, Trish. My reading has slowed lately, though I still read daily…just not the same volume. I’ve been carrying Dave Barry with me everywhere though, and often before I write my MS, I’ll read a couple of pages to remind me what good humor is like. It helps.

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  8. What a lovely post! I think many writers face similar conflicts…ample time writing, less time to read. So glad you found your way and are reaping your due rewards.

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